LOS ANGELES, CA – Medium Large Sports Media, recognized as a trailblazer in the field of digital sports journalism, has announced a series of key personnel shifts and the exciting introduction of a new platform tailored specifically for followers of the Toronto Raptors.

Matthew Moreno’s Promotion to Executive Editor

Medium Large Sports Media has elevated Matthew Moreno to the position of Executive Editor, a new role within the organization. Moreno, who has been a vital member of the team for more than nine years, will work under the supervision of Ian Chin, the Editor-in-Chief.

Ian Chin on Moreno’s promotion, “Matt has consistently played a crucial role in our coverage of the Lakers and the Dodgers. I am confident that his expanded role in leadership will propel our sports content to greater heights. Matt’s deep understanding and dedication to sports journalism have significantly contributed to our content’s success and audience engagement.”

Introduction of and its YouTube Channel

Aligning with its dedication to offering superior sports content, Medium Large is equally thrilled to unveil and a bespoke YouTube channel. This new endeavor seeks to become the primary source for comprehensive news, analyses, and multimedia content for the dedicated Toronto Raptors fan base.

Luca Rosano Leading Raptors Coverage

Medium Large has recruited the expertise of Senior Writer Luca Rosano to lead this dynamic new platform. As a seasoned and perceptive sports journalist based in Ontario, Canada, Rosano’s role as the primary “Raptor” will be crucial in engaging fans with unique content and insights about their favorite team.

Blake Williams’ Ascension to Managing Editor of

In further developments, Blake Williams has been promoted from Senior Writer to Managing Editor of Williams’ extensive understanding of the Los Angeles Dodgers and editorial prowess have profoundly influenced the site’s trajectory and growth. His new role as Managing Editor will see him continue to be a familiar presence in the Dodgers’ press box during games.

New Talent at

To augment the coverage of the Los Angeles Lakers, is delighted to welcome Ron Gutterman as a Senior Writer and Sean Davis as the host of the new “Post Post-Game Show” on the LakersNation YouTube Channel.

Trevor Lane, LakersNation Anchor Host, expressed enthusiasm for the new additions, “We’re genuinely thrilled to have Sean Davis join the team. Sean combines a fresh enthusiasm with a deep understanding of professional basketball strategy, which will surely resonate with and enrich our audience. His dynamic energy and insightful analyses will undoubtedly enhance our new ‘Post Post-Game Lakers Show’ on YouTube, providing fans with an engaging platform to dissect each game. We’re confident that Sean’s input will swiftly make this show a go-to for Lakers fans who wish to explore the game’s intricacies further.”

Gutterman’s broad sports expertise, coupled with Davis’s detailed analysis of basketball tactics, are anticipated to offer new perspectives and stimulate engaging discussions for Lakers fans. Davis will also feature as a host during the regular LakersNation Watch Parties on the Network.

About Medium Large Sports Media

As a prominent figure in the field of innovative, engaging, and comprehensive sports journalism, Medium Large Sports Media predominantly focuses on major North American sports franchises. Being one of the largest privately owned sports networks, its mission revolves around merging astute sports reporting with advanced digital media to maintain a global connection and keep fans informed.

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